Adventure park Schröcken

Action in the water, on the rock and in the air!
Adventure park Schröcken
The high ropes course with 42 rope courses, 3 Flying Fox lifts, as well as climbing possibilities in 3-15 meters height!
Courage and balance are important prerequisites, but fun is the most important thing. The facilities are fully secured so that nothing can happen. A great program for the whole family (children from 6 years), as well as for adults.

Flying Fox Park Safari

overcome 300 meters of altitude difference with 6 zip line lifts and race over the gorges from Nesslegg to Schröcken/Dorf. Attached to a rope at a height of 20 to 90 metres, enjoy the view of Schröcken and the mountain world. Suitable for families (children from 6 years), and of course for adults.

Action with friends

Action days for families or groups
The Crazy Tour is a team effort through thick and thin, over the Flying Fox, through the blind forest and into the eerie cave of.....
The Tour Wild Things is an excerpt from the Crazy Tour and contains the absolute highlights - e.g. the TIGERSPRUNG
Whether for families, adults or teenagers - Jürgen Strolz will put together the perfect program for you, whether half-day or full-day, and with or without food in Holzschopf or in the even more rustic Kuhstall

Karhorn via ferrata

Karhorn via ferrata
East ridge
After the ascent with the Steffisalp Express, it is a 45-minute walk to the start of the Karhorn via ferrata. Put on your climbing harness, helmet and via ferrata set and off you go! The first part (east ridge) leads from the start to the summit and has a difficulty level of B-C. It is suitable for beginners and children (from approx. 12 years). The descent from the summit is along a normal path, which requires constant caution and concentration.
West Ridge
The second part (west ridge) can be done after the first part, because it leads from the summit in difficulty level C-D. This part is a little more demanding and also challenges experienced via ferrata climbers.

Canyoning & Co

only a few meters from Haus Rothorn is the entrance to the canyoning tour HARD ROCK. The perfect tour for sporty beginners as well as for advanced canyoners with rush tracks, climbing sections and 6 to 8 waterfalls. According to the motto "the best comes last" there is the 40 meter waterfall! (only if the water volume allows it)

Find it

There are 3 exciting round tours in the Tannberg area:
in Schröcken "Walser village & nature jewellery"
in Warth "Reverend Miller and the White Gold"
in Lech "Gipt's das"
On all 3 rounds a story is told with 10 caches. You will be surprised, because every cache is different!