...for leisurely family hikes, demanding hikes up to summit tours is the Haus Rothorn.
The bus stop for the hiking bus is only a few meters away from the house.
With the Bregenzerwald Card the buses can be used free of charge to Lech and to Damüls, Dornbirn or Bregenz.


Outdooractive Route Planner

Lake Körbersee

From Nesslegg to Lake Körbersee* and further through the picturesque floodplain to Lech, walking time approx. 3h
*or from the Körbersee to the Hochtannbergpass and over the salt road to Warth, walking time about 3h
*or from Körbersee to Alpe Batzen and to the Alpmuseum over the glacier mill bridge to Alpe Felle and further to Schröcken/Heimboden, walking time approx. 2h

Widderstein Hut

From the Hochtannbergpass to the Hochalppass to the Widdersteinhütte (refreshment stop) and back
to the starting point, walking time about 2h


From Warth Ascent with the Steffisalp-Express (included in the Bregenzerwald Card) - Hike to
Spitzigen Stein and to the Hochalpehütte (refreshment stop), further on to Saloberkopf - Salobersattel
and to the Hochtannbergpass, walking time about 2h

circular hike

Ascent from Warth with the Steffisalp-Express (included in the Bregenzerwald Card) - Hike
to the Walser settlement Bürstegg - Auenfeldsattel - Körbersee - Nesslegg, walking time about 3,5h

Mountain tours

Braunarl, 2649M

Schröcken - Alpe Felle - Fürggele - Braunarl - Butzensee - Schröcken
Ascent ca 3,5 h

Hochkünzelspitze, 2.397M

Schröcken - Landsteeg - Hochkünzelspitze and back the same way
Ascent ca 3 h

Mohnenfluh, 2.542M

Schröcken - Alpe Felle - Jägersteig - Butzensee - Mohnensattel - Mohnenfluh - return to the Mohnensattel and descend to Oberlech
Time out approx. 3 h

Höferspitze, 2.131M

Nesslegg - Höfer Alpe - Höferspitze - along the ridge to the Hochtannbergpass
Total walking time: 4 h
(the simpler variant would be the reverse with starting point at the Hochtannbergpass)

Aries stone, 2.533M

from the Hochtannbergpass in the direction of the Widderstein hut - but before that keep left and ascend to the Widderstein - descent on the same path with a stop at the Widderstein hut
Ascent: 2,5 h

Biberkopf, 2.599M

Starting point is Lechleiten - ascent over the meadow and through the forest - along the rocky ridge to the Biberkopf, descent on the same path
Ascent: 3 h